Peer-Reviewed Papers

  Peer-reviewed publications: ‘A centralised, automated dental hospital water quality and biofilm management system using neutral Ecasol maintains dental unit waterline output at better than potable quality: A 2-year longitudinal study’ Journal of Dentistry 37 (2009) 748-762 READ MORE  ‘Lack of cytotoxicity by Trustwater Ecasol used to maintain good quality dental unit waterline output water in keratinocyte mono-layer and reconstituted human oral epithelial tissue models’ Journal of Dentistry 38 (2010) 930-940 READ MORE ‘Biofilm problems in dental unit water systems and its practical control’ Journal of Applied Microbiology ISSN 1364-5072 READ MORE  ‘Expert Report on Efficacy of Trustwater Ecaflo Systems for a short-period sanitisation of Biofilm Contaminated Water-Bearing Systems’ Professor Exner University Hospital Bonn READ MORE  ‘Control of bacterial contamination of washbasin taps and output water using Ecasol: A 1-year study’ Journal of Hospital Infection (February 2012) READ MORE 

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