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In recent years, a number of fatalities and multiple injuries have been directly linked to contaminated dental water.

In 2016, 68 children were hospitalized having contracted serious mycobacterial infections directly sourced to the dental water in an Anaheim, CA. clinic.

A lawsuit filed March 2, 2018 in Clayton County, GA,  claims almost 24 children contracted Mycobacterium abscessus infections at a GA. clinic as a result of “contaminated water”.

Dental staff are exposed to contaminated aerosolised dental water and are known to statistically carry higher levels of legionella antibodies. The CDC recently reported a cluster of potentially fatal idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) amongst dental personnel with evidence pointing to viral exposure playing a key role as a co-factor in the initiation and progression of IPF.


Dental Chairs Treated


Dental School Installations


Peer-Reviewed Papers

cfu/ml <


Ultra Clean Dental Water

Continuous disinfectant dispensed directly into dental bottles.

  • Removes Biofilm

  • Proven 100% safe

  • Peer reviewed

  • Maintains waterline within 10 cfu/ml

  • Plug and Play counter-top device

The Dentaqua Difference

Competitor products, while known to kill microbes in suspension, do not adequately eliminate the underlying problem of microbial biofilm, the source contamination in dental waterlines.  As such the problem remains unresolved.

Today, Dentaqua is the only product that has been independently peer-reviewed to maintain dental waterline safety in long-term clinical settings.

Protect your patients, staff and business.

The world’s most reliable dental waterline disinfection system.

· Residual disinfection – no routine shock dosing required

· Removes biofilm

· Proven 100% safe

· Automated and simple to use

· Non-corrosive  – does not affect composite bond strength

· Significant cost savings

· Provides a data trail on usage for quality assurance and liability purposes

· Independently peer-reviewed  – performance and safety

· Maintains waterlines within 10 cfu/ml

Dentaqua Cost Savings versus Traditional Chemicals


Repair costs – Hand Pieces & Connectors

+     $1300

Dental Waterline Disinfection

+     $1250

Staff Costs

+     $1000

Pre-treated water (RO or sterile)

+     $1800

Equipment repair costs due to corrosion caused by chemicals / biofilm

=     $6250

Total Cost – Traditional Chemicals


Dentaqua Cost Per Annum ($197 p/m)


Net Savings Per Annum

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Protect you patients, staff and business.